Saturday, February 19, 2011

Of Benchmarks and Things


Every so often I like to benchmark myself. The problem with progress in a skill is that it is often very gradual. it can be so gradual that it is almost impossible to see the improvement for yourself. Sometimes I question whether I have gotten better at all, and it can be very disheartening.

A couple years ago I found a solution to my problem. I decided to paint something I had painted years before. The results were overwhelming, that when I tried drawing or painting an image that I created in the past, the progress becomes immediately apparent. You can put the paintings beside each other and the gradient of time becomes a strong visible contrast.

There are three times I have attempted to benchmark myself over the last couple years, and the progress is overwhelming to me. I thought some people might enjoy an opportunity to see the examples.

In the upcoming weeks and months I'm going to be allowing my beautiful fiancée, Amy, take control over my blog. I will still post from time to time, but Amy will be posting my art and what is going on with me from her perspective.


  1. Hey fella, that's awesome ! It was really cool to see your progress that way.

  2. Keep at it Bryan- if life challenges are ahead of you, turn it up.