Monday, June 11, 2012

Jasmine vs the Teddy Apocalypse


A few years ago I had the idea of doing a couple art swaps with some close art friends.  At the time I completed 2 art swaps, one with Elizabeth Sherry, and another with Jasmine Vicente.  Surprisingly, both of the illustrations they completed compositionally duplicated each other.  With depictions of me standing upon a monstrous pile of bodies, In Jasmines I was atop a pile of ninjas, while Liz had me standing upon a tower of bears.  Their identical assessment of me proved quite hilarious.  How they both came to the deduction that I desire to conquer and stand upon the spoils, bewilders me. 


For the last year I have been yearning to complete another drawing swap with jasmine, however, the time has been hard to come by. The previous art swaps I completed were full paintings, but few of us have time to create paintings for fun these days.  So Jasmine and I settled on a drawing swap instead of a painting, due primarily to the quantity of time an artist needs to invest into a painting rather than a drawing. 

This image is my half of the drawing swap, it displays Jasmine vs the teddy bear Apocalypse/ uprising.  Hope she and you all enjoy.