Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exposing for Fan Expo

We have been working hard at Heemskerk Illustration [and Design] *(unofficial)* in the last few months. Come see what we have to offer at booth A7 at Fan Expo this year at the Metro Convention Center in downtown Toronto from Thursday 22nd, 2013 - Sunday 25th, 2013; 8am - 9pm! This is also our first time at Fan Expo.

Bryan is presenting his "Versus series" paintings that are filled with hilarity, humour, fun, intriguing depictions of your popular video game characters and characters from television animated series. Buy an image of Megaman taking a dump on the toilet, or Ken from Street Fighter beating up Ken's (from Barbie) dream car.

And in light of the announcement of Megaman in the upcoming Smash Bros on WiiU...

... get your own Megaman Kirby from Bryan at booth A7. There are only 12 of these little guys!

Last but not least, fall in love and get excited with us over this...